Patient Monitor


Patient Monitor

What is remote monitoring?

Remote monitoring is a way for your implanted heart device to communicate with your doctor or clinic using a small monitor, potentially reducing the number of times you have to travel to your clinic for an implanted heart device check.

Remote monitoring is prescribed by your doctor. It provides easy access to information that allows your doctor to:

  • Continuously manage your heart condition
  • Monitor your implanted heart device
  • Obtain information from your implanted heart device on an as-needed basis

What Patients and Clinicians Have to Say...

  • Robbie's Story

    Robbie’s Story

    Robbie has a pacemaker (a non-wireless device); he sends his information manually to his doctor.

  • Doug's Story

    Doug’s Story

    Doug has an ICD (a wireless device); his information is sent automatically to his doctor (usually while he sleeps).

  • Laura's Story

    Laura’s Story

    Laura is a heart device nurse in central Minnesota; her clinic currently works with more than 4,000 heart device patients.

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